Synthesis of non synthesizable. Summary.

In conclusion I want to say that I do believe in G-d. I believe that unlike all human knowledge that is limited, Torah contains  the complete  information about  the realm of matter. While scientists are trying to build an elusive theory of everything, the Torah is  the only phenomenon in our physical world that is absolute and infinite. This is so because the Torah and G-dly light,  the  Ein Sof, are one. That’s why Torah (physical as can be, written with ink on the parchment) talks about everything that exists. This information is kept on different levels either openly  or in a hidden manner. However we should not forget that this is  simply a by-product and not the essence of Torah, G-d forbid. Concept of that the Torah is completely integrated with the Ein Sof, is much more important and in any degree can’t be comparable with the fact that the Torah contains all possible knowledge about our world. However, if  having in mind that this world is so insignificant compare to the essence of Torah and at the same time is immensely complex and multidimensional, this in itself makes us to appreciate the greatness of the Creator of the world and  stand in awe and admiration before A-Mighty!

4 thoughts on “Synthesis of non synthesizable. Summary.

  1. Devorah says:

    Emunah and Knowledge. I am currently studying this maamar Knowledge and Faith, Veyodato Hayom by Alter Rebbe, in this maamar Alter Rebbe explains that Emunah does not apply to the idea of G-d creating the world (memaleh). This is obvious and known from observation (Knowledge) Emunah applies to the aspect of G-d (essence, sovev) that is not changed by creation, the idea of the same G-d before and after, down and below, incomprehensible G-d. There is no contradiction between science and religion. Each deals with different aspects, manifestations of G-d.

    • Devorah,
      we just had this discussion with my friend Dovid in the previous portion of the Synthesis.:) “Each deals with different aspects, manifestations of G-d.”this is what I was trying to explain. I just said it not only about science, but other types of knowledge as well. Here I added a slightly different focus (My husband and I are studying “On the essence of chassidus” by our Rebbe.): the fact that Torah has scientific and other knowledge because of its nature is immensely insignificant to the idea that the Torah and G-dly Light are one. Yet He created this unimportant world being so complex, beautiful, and multifaceted! Isn’t it grand and awesome perspective?! I don’t know but my breath is simply taken away when I meditate on this thought!

      • Devorah says:

        This reminded me of the story i read (copy and paste): “Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch, one of the greatest Rabbis of the previous century was planning a trip to the Alps in his later years and when someone asked him why he was going he responded, “When I get up to heaven, God is going to ask me, ‘Well, did you see my Alps?’ , so I want to say yes.”

        Yes, it is a beautiful world we live in 🙂

      • Indeed:)
        However it is not simply beautiful. Just think: all these atoms, electrons, quarks, dark matter, quantum physics, anatomy, astrology, mathematics, geology, literature, geography, medicine, technology, art, psychology, civics, economics and so on…And everything is working so smoothly and yet it is as nothingness to His essence!!

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