Liberal Controversy

It seems so strange for me when people think cliche thoughts and claim to be open and liberal. For example everyone who wants to be modern and independent thinking must fight for gay rights in our time …However not as many are eager to fight for the rights of those who practice polygamy. Though everyone agrees that biologically a gay couple doesn’t have any future on their own.  And on the contrary  the polygamy was / is a traditional way of building families with offspring for many cultures. Muslim, Jews and Mormons are all can be part of this ancient practice. Why then should we at first accept the law regarding gay marriages instead of trying to work it out with something that is acceptable for many cultures and seems to be more traditional in nature?


2 thoughts on “Liberal Controversy

  1. mommyx4boys says:

    I don’t really agree with either. However neither really bothers me because it doesn’t involve me. And i don’t think one is any better or any worse then the other

    • I don’t look at polygamy as it must for everyone. For example I don’t want it in my own family however because so many people are still practicing this ancient tradition they should be given rights to be able to do it legally prior we speak about the rights of unions that really do not have a future.

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