Scale of the Universe.

Scale of the Universe.

Amazing demonstration of size comparison between the different objects from quantum foam to Observable Universe! Just scroll left and right.


This is so incredible and I am going to show this presentation for my grades after vacation. Visual presentations bring greater impact especially to young learners! It gives the person perspective and understanding the Greatness of the A-mighty (to certain degree obviously) who created such a complex world!! ( And our world is just one of many) Everything works in incredible smooth order that every single created thing no matter small or huge has its place and role in the grand design done by Hashem !! Breathtaking and work well with chabad philosophy that asking us to meditate on the Greatness of the Creator and Master of the world in order to reveal the Love of God and fear of Him!

Update due to many confusions. In order to find  actual link you have to click on the title.