Scale of the Universe.

Scale of the Universe.

Amazing demonstration of size comparison between the different objects from quantum foam to Observable Universe! Just scroll left and right.


This is so incredible and I am going to show this presentation for my grades after vacation. Visual presentations bring greater impact especially to young learners! It gives the person perspective and understanding the Greatness of the A-mighty (to certain degree obviously) who created such a complex world!! ( And our world is just one of many) Everything works in incredible smooth order that every single created thing no matter small or huge has its place and role in the grand design done by Hashem !! Breathtaking and work well with chabad philosophy that asking us to meditate on the Greatness of the Creator and Master of the world in order to reveal the Love of God and fear of Him!

Update due to many confusions. In order to find  actual link you have to click on the title.

19 thoughts on “Scale of the Universe.

  1. Please provide evidence of the universe working in a smooth order. Thanks.

    • Are you familiar with science all together? On what level?

      • I’m not a scientist. And I’m not highly educated in any area of the topic. But please, answer my question without asking a question 🙂

      • But I do take back the statement regarding the universe working in a smooth order, when observing it on a grand scale. I was speaking specifically about our perspective in the world/solar system around us and it’s effects on humans.

      • I suspected that you don’t know science that’s why you asked this question. My suggestion is to go and learn a bit then you will know and appreciate the grand design of this world since it is impossible to give you all the needed info in this format. I can do just the following: look around and think about the water cycle in nature or the flow of energy through a food chain or the plant life cycle or the law of conservation of energy, Periodic table of elements etc The examples are plenty ..The problems are only with human beings since we have free will. However if you wish you can ask me more specific questions…and will try to explore together )

      • Your lack of thinking is killing me. Surely water cycles and a stable food chain are only products of millions of years of the Earth forming? Did the earth start from day one with flowing rivers and a hierarchy of predators on a food chain? No. And have you seen how some poor animals are caught by predators? If you are happy to believe a God consciously created such methods then you aren’t a very nice person.

        ‘Look at that puddle, the water has perfectly filled the hole!’ That is how you’re thinking. And it’s not thinking enough.

      • Unlike you I have a degree in applied math, grew up in the family of scientist, teach science and always enjoy reading up to date scientific magazines…)
        First who told you that water cycle is obvious? That there are multitudes of life forms on Earth etc? Theory of probability ? Look into it…before say something on the matter…
        I could bring more complicated examples but you said you lack basics so would not understand them …
        Second you asked about proves that Universe runs smoothly and upset about feelings of animals…It because you have human perspective …I talked about something different…
        But more than that when person instead of valid counterarguments start to put down his opponent it simply means he doesn’t have any arguments any more.
        You are not objective and very emotional. This is not scientific method…sorry

      • Regardless of your mathematic and scientific superiority, which I’m sure you may have, where is the evidence in your choice of religion? I just find it hard to believe that as intelligent as our species is, we settle for incredibly vague answers.

      • You are mixing together potatoes and oranges.)) Don’t take it personally. Let’s take one thing at a time. What is my religious choice has to do with your question regarding order in the Universe? Can you rephrase your question so it will be more specific? The order in the Universe has nothing to do with your or my choice. Tony Rothman ( a physicist at the University of Texas): “When confronted with the order and beauty of the universe and the strange coincidences of nature, it’s very tempting to take the leap of faith from science into religion. I am sure many physicists want to. I only wish they would admit it.” also Arthur L. Schawlow (Professor of Physics at Stanford University, 1981 Nobel Prize in physics): “It seems to me that when confronted with the marvels of life and the universe, one must ask why and not just how. The only possible answers are religious. . . . I find a need for God in the universe and in my own life.” There are many quotes and articles on the topic… However to understand and appreciate this order you need to know science so just go and learn, You will be amazed!

      • I read your beautiful post where you mentioned our conversation. )) You totally got my post wrong and didn’t even come closer to what I was trying to say. True, English is not my mother tongue but I doubt that’s a reason. The big problem is that when I wrote my post I looked at the physical world. Also the word “smoothly” in my case doesn’t imply personal interpretation of the events as the result of the physical structure of the Universe. Smooth doesn’t mean all rosy. It also means all collisions of asteroids and comets with planets, etc. However by looking at the NASA link, that my post was dedicated to, you would notice that human being is so insignificant to the whole design of the Universe so that it can humble us pretty much. The Love and Fear would come from understanding by a person who believes that G-d created the Universe the visualized fact of how great is Universe and so how Great is its Creator and how insignificant human beings are. It’s pure logic. The Love of G-d would immerse that after seeing this picture (through link) cause the person would appreciate that he (though being so unimportant) was given by G-d a chance of the free will in order to change the world. And yes he can go to the best or to the worst. A person simply would be grateful for such a gift and this can help to feel Love. However I understand that somebody who is an atheist after following the link can only conclude that humans are not who rule the world exactly because they are so insignificant. But some ideas have to come to mind of the thinking person who doesn’t go on the personal vendetta just because)) I really have doubts that you even went to see the link.)) You are just very, very emotional and looking from only one rigid position.

      • I totally understand how insignificant we are as a species, and that one day very soon, I will not be here anymore. And his is very humbling, but what I choose not to do is become religious. I feel that the religious out there like yourself, see humans as more than we are, surely looking at the universe would show us further that believing in a personal god who cares for us all and created the world in seven days (depending on your religious affiliation) is nonsense, yet we still convince ourselves otherwise. I’m not looking for personal attacks or to troll I just don’t religious posts. At all. There’s too much suffering in the world due to superstition and religion and if there was a God there wouldn’t be. Is God all powerful, if so why is there suffering? He either isn’t as powerful as he says, or he allows bad things to happen. And it scares me that religious people feel this is acceptable.

      • Now you are talking and expressing your concerns… My original post had nothing to do with the choice of humans and their activity. And this is exactly what I was trying to point out. That we are giving the precious gift of being helpers in Creation but we can choose the wrong path. All your problems are connected to human activity. And this is exactly the thing I did not mean in the smooth structure of the Universe. However you have valid questions that unfortunately weren’t answered in a proper way. It seems to me that you are deep person who is not satisfied with a beautiful fairy tale of Christianity. Because I also view it as beautiful and poetic fairy tale that tells us about something very idealistic and doesn’t consider the human nature. However I hope you understand that you are raising many questions that simply can’t be put together as you don’t combined linear algebra and the the recipe for breakfast oatmeal. First you have a problem with existence of G-d, second you have problems with how people who follow the religion behave in the way they behave that many times brought wars and other bad staff to the world, third you have a question about what kind of World G-d created that there are sufferings in it. And I understand your frustration when you don’t get the answers you look for. If you really looking for answers and not the personal vendetta than you need to be more specific when you are asking the question and not expect to get the answer in the format of blog’s comments. The topic is too complicated and deep to give you answer in two words. Let’s specify your question and I’ll try to make a post to answer it. Or I can give you links where you possibly find the answers you are looking for.

  2. I too have too much to state, and it’s hard to narrow it down to a couple of questions. One question I have ultimately is how do you become accepting of the world in it’s current state, knowing there is an all powerful being capable of bringing negativity to an end, and willingly being supportive of said God? And apologies for my earlier comments, looking back I see I may have been pretty insulting. I don’t intend to come across like that, I’m not a monster, just frustrated!

  3. I will notify you on a response! I still need to read this properly.

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