To follow your dreams


I have to admit. I have a weak point – I like intellectual people. And sometimes I  have  cognitive dissonance when I hear something that goes against my understanding of intelligent and profound person. Because  sometimes I forget that intellect is not an equivalent  of  insight or depth of the mind. A person may have strong analytical abilities but keep them on the surface without digging the problem further down.
The results are astonishing!  You can have a very successful writer, blogger and engineer all in one who would manage to state that nowadays wisdom depends on computer skills!!!  Or writer, political analyst and religious scholar who would try to assure you that your instincts and minute desires are what making your real Self.
Though I think you don’t have to be a scholar to recognize that this is wrong. The intellect is definitely ruling over emotions but you have to understand that the intellect has power over minute urges and instincts only when the will is in work. And what makes the will to pop up in the picture to rescue the weak soul? The inner part of the will – the inner desire. This is how you check if your aspirations of the moment are true or not and you can work them out by either controlling or pursuing them. For example the difference between strong urge to eat cake right now having afterwards tons of guilt feelings, pessimistic attitude towards self image in the mirror, problems with  health on one hand and real desire to be healthy, fit, energetic and as a result of it be happy and content on the other.

I think the ability to internalize and evaluate the situation shows the level of maturity. It is kid’s prerogative not to differentiate between temporary good and ultimate good. One of the most famous examples of this type of substitution is escaping to drinking: I am in distress now because I did not get the job I wanted ( argued with spouse, did not get certain amount of likes on Facebook, have to deliver the speech tomorrow or have a due date for the project too close etc) so instead of working it out I’ll go and drink and forget about everything for the hour or two or may be for the whole night. Sure sometimes you need it but when it turns into a habit of how you dealing with situations in general  because when you drink you feel good and don’t have to fight with difficulties and challenges then it is wrong. You are just trying to escape from reality. For an hour or two or for the whole night  and it might turn into the life program.
By doing just opposite and sticking to your true desires you don’t  break your inner self. You try to change yourself by transforming and learning to be who you want to be ultimately. By doing that instead of following the animal instincts you can strive to bigger heights and have more self confidence and dignity. With maturity comes the understanding that even something seems to be annoying and difficult there is a deeper good. And the things we desire are not always good for us.
Then you would feel yourself that you are a human being who follows his/ her dreams and ambitions  so that they will not remain merely illusions. You will be able to stay on the difficult path of accomplishing your real purpose in life  instead of feeling as a looser just because you choose not to control your natural instincts and blew off the whole vision of your life for a minute desire.
It is not easy but well worth it. It is that  simple.

To follow your dreams.


Synthesis of non synthesizable. Summary.

In conclusion I want to say that I do believe in G-d. I believe that unlike all human knowledge that is limited, Torah contains  the complete  information about  the realm of matter. While scientists are trying to build an elusive theory of everything, the Torah is  the only phenomenon in our physical world that is absolute and infinite. This is so because the Torah and G-dly light,  the  Ein Sof, are one. That’s why Torah (physical as can be, written with ink on the parchment) talks about everything that exists. This information is kept on different levels either openly  or in a hidden manner. However we should not forget that this is  simply a by-product and not the essence of Torah, G-d forbid. Concept of that the Torah is completely integrated with the Ein Sof, is much more important and in any degree can’t be comparable with the fact that the Torah contains all possible knowledge about our world. However, if  having in mind that this world is so insignificant compare to the essence of Torah and at the same time is immensely complex and multidimensional, this in itself makes us to appreciate the greatness of the Creator of the world and  stand in awe and admiration before A-Mighty!

Synthesis of non synthesizable

The world we live in is way too complex and multidimensional for us to comprehend completely.

The Torah (Bible) confirmed the statement that humans never will be able to come close enough to G-d because we are merely His creations as it says in Yeshayahu- Isaiah – 55:8:””For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” says the L-rd.”

However the thirst is still there as Albert Einstein expressed this idea:” I want to know how G-d created this world. I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details.” (p. 123, E. Salaman, “A Talk with Einstein,” The Listener 54 ).

Though the same Einstein wrote in 1936 letter in response to a sixth-grader, Phyllis Wright:” … every one who is seriously engaged in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that the laws of nature manifest the existence of a spirit vastly superior to that of men, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

Thus even Einstein acknowledged existence of the Power that is way above human understanding.

I do believe though that the synthesis of different perspectives on life given by various systematic enterprises will bring humanity significantly closer to the fullest understanding of the matter according to our limited capabilities.

However the more we look from a position of different systems the more we find contradictions. I would say the opposite: the more contradictions the better because the world around us is not one or even three dimensional. It contains multitudes.  All these contradictions are united on a certain level and ultimately will lead us on the same path.

We should understand that any form of describing universe around us (physics, geography, psychology, astrology etc.) will not be absolute and all the classifications are based on the definitions that people agree upon.  Even about the  G-dly Torah  it says that it speaks in the language of man.
One of the interesting (though pretty simple in my opinion) examples is the contradiction in defining human beings in Science and Religion. People are classified as members of the Animal Kingdom in Biology but being put into separate kingdom by the Torah (Bible).

In reality there is no conflict between these two interpretations.

Because first you have to clarify based on what characteristics the classification was done. According to science humans share the main physical features with mammals. Mammals are endothermic vertebrates that have hair and produce milk to feed their young ones, and for biology that’s enough.

Nevertheless Torah puts humans into separate category because man has something unique. Something that none other creature has – power of speech to be exact. Bible states that a man has unique intellectual quality – he is called ‘medaber’ (speaking). Even though there are animals who can communicate between themselves or birds who can mimic human speech, that doesn’t qualify them to be in the same category because  one can be called “medaber” only if he uses his intellect. The intellect that allows person to distinguish between truth and falsehood according to Rambam (Moishe ben Maimon – one of the most prolific and influential Jewish scholars of the Middle Ages).

Clearly these two pictures are not contradicting one another but represent two different dimensions of a whole. The same method you can apply practically to anything.

Even though we have to admit that our actual knowledge of broad possibilities in synthesis is pretty incomplete at this time we should continue to pursue this very exciting journey to see connections in deep mystery of the realm of Matter.