There are people who live in the past. They might be pretty young but they are longing for  their  memories to keep them alive. These  memories are their stronghold that keeps them stable and secure in their present reality.

I’ve never been like that, never been sentimental to keep the first love letter, the first lock of the child or her first silver spoon or something like that. Though I am the fan of history and  like stories of past but mainly because of  scientific interest, passion for exploration rather than nostalgia. Whatever happened – already happened. You better get lessons from it but you can’t change it.

I am a person of the future. I need something great ahead of me in order to strive and to reach.  I need  to be challenged.  However sometimes life becomes so hectic, running at lightning speed because I feel the urge to do too many projects at once. Because I feel that this is imperative and crucial  to do all these things in order to feel myself fulfilled and accomplished.

However we know from Chassidus (Jewish Philosophical teaching)  that the greatest advantage has the person who is neither dwelling on the past nor on the future. The one who lives with the moment. He is called pnimi in hebrew – an inward person.

I am trying to teach myself to slow down, to take  a deep breath and look around to see what’s going on while I am in such a rush to catch the escaping reality. To cherish and to enjoy the moment,  to concentrate on what I am doing now rather what I’ll need to do sooner or later. The vision of where you are heading  is still important as well as to be loyal to your past but the real life is now, in this particular moment. This is what is defining you, making you who you really are.

The photo is credited to Henry Kisor  Sunrise over Lake Superior, Michigan, July 2011